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Programs and Service We Offer

Infinity offers a number of programs and services for the widowed community that aid in empowering and rebuilding both the individual and their families. More often than not, the widowed community falls into depression, financial instability, homelessness and hopelessness resulting in the destruction of the family unit which for many becomes unbearable and is perceived as irreparable. Infinity serves as a point of hope and inspiration to help them transition through the grieving process during their spare time, at their personal pace with the support of others who have experienced similar circumstances.

HUGS – Helping Us Grieve and Smile is a monthly card & gift program that encourages the widowed by sending them a card and/or uplifting gift on a monthly basis. It’s a free, year long subscription that touches the widowed from the perspective of the widowed. Each gift is purposeful in helping you manage your grief, regain your emotional stability and accept your new normal. Amazingly, when the widowed are shown love & support, it dramatically increases their rate of grief recovery, reduces stress, depression & loneliness.

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GRIP – Grief Recovery Instilling Peace is our flagship 10 week group therapy program. It’s a peer grief support counseling program that uses the Grief Recovery Method with licensed Grief Recovery Counselors to help effectively counsel participants through their grief. Using hands on exercises, participants are healed from an emotional perspective inside out. Pain is exposed, myths about grief are busted, stress is reduced and healing happens. This is offered in an open environment where trust and confidentiality are established and cultivated: participants share from the heart, express their challenges & dare to dream again. You can take this class at any time during your journey whether you’re a newly widowed, remarried one or long term widowed. This class is for adults 18+ and is open to widows, widowers and their families. For more information on The Grief Recovery Method, click here to visit their website. We highly recommend the Grief Recovery Method program, however, if you’re unable to find one in your local area, seek counseling through another local organization.


REACH – Resources Enabling All to Challenge and Heal is what spurned INFINITY’S inception. One of the greatest factors crippling the widowed community is not having a comprehensive place to direct us toward trusted resources that can help. In 2012 when our founder became a widow, it was the #1 resource she couldn’t find anywhere. So she decided to create it and founded INFINITY as a result. We trust the resources listed will enable you to move forward safely and effectively in your new life journey.

INFINITY NON PROFIT is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity (tax ID# 81-3367835).